Szervo hajtás javítás
Szervo hajtás javítás
Szervo hajtás javítás


Servomotors are a high-performance alternative to stepper motors. Servomotors are high-precision rotary actuators (or linear actuators) that allow precise angular or linear positioning by controlling velocity and acceleration.

Repairing AC and DC motors, soft starters, special CNC machine tool controllers, power supplies, industrial display units, user interfaces (MMI), terminals, process control units and instrument units, printed circuit boards (PCBs), safety light curtains, telemetry systems, valve controllers, transmitters, interfaces, etc… and frequency converters!

With 1 year warranty!

Send us your electronics product for repair.



Why choose us?

Old, rare devices

We can help you and your partners by repairing almost any type of electronic industrial device or controller. All devices submitted for repair will be returned functionally tested.

Emergency Repair

Try our service! Repair is possible even within 48 hours! Emergency repair and parts purchase are possible within 48-72 hours + delivery time, typically for a 20% additional charge.

Providing replacement devices

Are you looking for a discontinued type of control module, PLC component, servo unit or frequency converter that is no longer manufactured?

Repair with a 12 month warranty

Send us your defective CNC controller, servo drive, servo motor, PLC module, or electronic unit of any brand, we will automatically respond with a fixed repair quote!

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