RTC Automatika Kft. Initially, he defined himself as the representative of foreign partner companies and later on by strengthening and building individual profiles in the Hungarian industrial and organizational market.

Customer-centered approach

The most important thing for us is to try to offer more solutions to the problems we face, as production lines can stand idly when we are looking for us. We try to keep the deadlines as long as possible, while keeping the customer informed.

Our main profiles

Industrial electronics service in our professionally equipped workshop in Budapest. Most of our revenue is spent on purchasing test equipment, trying to find a solution to every problem.

We can assist you and your partners in repairing almost any type of electronic industrial device or control unit. We deliver all of our repair tools to functionally tested, so you can easily keep rare items in stock that are already difficult to obtain.

We offer 1 year full warranty on all our tested and repaired devices. Representing and reselling LAMTEC professional combustion technology solutions. Real Real-time OS Based Management System, REALFLEX SCADA Systems Representation and Resale.

For industrial solutions that require exceptional reliability, QNX OPERATION SYSTEM and development tools, embedded and real-time applications are represented and resold.

MEN Micro – Representing and reselling professional industrial computers, which are special hardware that can withstand shock, impact, outdoor use, and more. extreme temperature conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or can help us with your business processes.


Distributed / Serviced Brands